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Tips for One-to-One Meetings

Q1: What can I do on the CITTC i-PIC system?

A1: Through the system (, you may browse all the participants’ information, establish connections with your potential partners and make appointments with each of them by choosing the appropriate time slots for the one-to-one meetings.

Q2: What’s the time for online appointments?

A2: The CITTC i-PIC system will be open from 1st August to 31st October 2018 when online appointments are available.

Q3: How can I do if I have any other questions on CITTC i-PIC system?

A3: If you should have any further questions regarding CITTC i-PIC system, please ask help online (, in CONTACT US) or contact JITTC on +86-25-85485892 or

Q4: What’s the time and venue for one-to-one meetings?

A4: 13:30-17:30, Nov. 8, at Kunlun Ballroom, Jinling Hotel.

Q5: When and where could I get the timetable of one-to-one meetings?

A5: The table number for each one-to-one meeting will be sent to you through CITTC i-PIC system before Nov. 4.

Q6: Who could I turn to if I have any other questions during one-to-one meetings on the spot?

A6: Please contact our staff at the venue, Mr. LIULi, Mobile: +86-15850795347.

Q7: What are the Do's and Don'ts?

  • Please show up on time, 5 minutes earlier is better.
  • You have to leave the table when the time is up. If you haven’t finished your talk, please move to the temporary meeting area.
  • If your meeting partner doesn’t show up as scheduled, ask the volunteer at your table for assistance.
  • Don’t make noise and no phone calls at the venue.

  • 如果对接:






    关于大会对接系统如有其它疑问,您可以进入对接系统(寻求在线帮助(Contact Us 菜单)。 您也可以联系+86-25-85485892或ipic@jittc.org寻求帮助。






    会场对接遇到问题时,请电话联系:刘力 +86-15850795347


  • 根据洽谈时间表,提前5分钟抵达会场门口等待;
  • 一场会谈20分钟,不得拖延;如未完成洽谈,请移至临时会谈区;
  • 如洽谈外方未按时到场,请与该桌志愿者联系;
  • 会场内不得大声喧哗、接打电话。
  • 8、在哪里领取会议资料和对接洽谈时间表?


    Tips 温馨提示 X
    For CITTC event online registration, please create a new account or login in with your JITTC ( account and update your information in i-PIC system. CITTC i-PIC system will be open from 1st August to 31st October 2018, when online appointments are available.If you would like to participate in the one-to-one business talks on the afternoon of November 8, it is suggested that you use CITTC i-PIC system to make appointments with your potential partners.